Gold and Silver Deposits in Colorado, a symposium

A four day symposium on  the Gold and Silver Deposits in Colorado, will be held July 20-24, 2017

This symposium is co-sponsored by the Friends of the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum, the CSM Museum, DREGS (Denver Region Exploration Geologists Society), and Friends of Mineralogy, Colorado Chapter. The event will feature two days of talks (July 21 – 22) on the Colorado School of  Mines campus, Golden, Colorado and two days of field trips (July 23 and 24) to historic Colorado gold and silver mining areas, focusing on the Front Range and the northern half of the Colorado Mineral Belt.

More information about the symposium is at: . Registration cost will be $100; students, $50; banquet, $40; each field trip, $40.  A complete registration form can be downloaded by clicking on the following name: 2017_April11_Au Ag Symposium registration form.

As of May 3, 2017 the list of speakers and their titles are:

Symposium on Colorado Gold and Silver Deposits – speakers and presentation titles (as of 5/3/2017)

Oral presentations (20)

Lee Alford & Alexander Gysi (Colorado School of Mines): Hydrothermal Evolution of Au-bearing Quartz-pyrite Veins and their Association to Base Metal Veins in Central City, Colorado

William Atkinson, Jr. (Univ. of Colorado): How Gold-silver Deposits Form: The Chemistry of Transport and Deposition

Paul Bartos: The Breckenridge Mining District

Peter Bojtos: The Economics of Gold

Carl R. (Bob) Carnein: Cripple Creek: An Update

Stanley Dempsey (Dempsey & Company, Golden CO): The Mining Districts of the Northern Half of the Colorado Mineral Belt

Lisa Dunn (Arthur Lakes Library, Colorado School of Mines): Clear Creek County’s Mining Districts: Discovering Missing History from Primary Source Materials

Bruce Geller (Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum): A Cursory Description of Telluride Occurrences in Boulder County, Colorado and Exploration Guides: Classic Examples of Epithermal Telluride Deposits in Boulder’s Backyard

Richard Goldfarb (Colorado School of Mines): The Origin of Gold Deposits

Larry James: The Central City Mining District, Gilpin County, Colorado

Vincent Matthews & Matt Morgan: Does the ‘Colorado Mineral Belt’ Best Describe the Distribution of Tertiary Epithermal Ore Deposits in Colorado?

Pete Modreski (U.S. Geological Survey): A Mineralogical Look at Colorado’s Gold and Silver Production: What Were the Au-Ag Minerals that Started out as Ore and Ended up in Bullion?

Jim Paschis (Consulting Geologist, Boulder, CO): Cash Mine: 3rd level Mining, Milling and Ore Microscopy

Beth Simmons: Colorado Gold and Silver before 1859

Duane Smith (Durango, CO): History of Mining in the Colorado Mineral Belt

Ralph Stegen (Freeport-McMoRan Exploration),: The Silver-Rich Manto Deposits of Aspen, Colorado: Characteristics, Discovery, and Mining History

Tommy B. Thompson: The Precious-Base Metal Manto Deposits of the Colorado Mineral Belt at Leadville, Gilman, Kokomo & Aspen

Steve Veatch: The World’s Greatest Gold Camp: A Concise History of Cripple Creek Mining District

Karen Wenrich (Crystals Unlimited, Tucson, AZ): The Sweet Home Mine, Park County, Colorado

Doug White (Newmont Mining Co.): The Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine

Saturday evening banquet presentation

Ed Raines (Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum): Silver as a Precious Metal from the Greeks to Today

Poster Papers (5)

Matthew Dye, Nigel Kelly, & Thomas Monecke (Colorado School of Mines): A Revised Paragenetic History of Gold Mineralizing Events at the Cripple Creek Gold Telluride Deposit, Colorado

Mario Guzman & Thomas Monecke (Colorado School of Mines): Mineralogy, Petrography and Mineral Chemistry of the North Amethyst Epithermal (Au-Ag) Deposit, Creede, Colorado: Insights into Precious and Base Metal Mineralization

Irene Kadel-Harder & Peter Price (Front Range Community College): Remote Sensing of Alteration Signatures Associated with Epithermal and Porphyry-related Mineral Deposits using WorldView-3, ASTER, and Hyperion Data

Tommy B. Thompson: Theses/dissertations Completed along the Northeastern Colorado Mineral Belt

Subaru Tsuruoka, Thomas Monecke, & T. James Reynolds (Colorado School of Mines, and Fluid, Inc.): Mineral Paragenesis of the Summitville High-sulfidation Epithermal Cu-Au Mineralization: Nature of the Mineralizing Hydrothermal Fluids