Welcome to the Colorado Chapter of the Friends of Mineralogy

Our meetings are held at: The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, VIP room, first floor,  2001 Colorado Blvd (east side of City Park), Denver, CO 80205

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The next meeting is on May 11, 2017 at 7:30 PM

The presentation will be by Linda Burns

An underground tour of the Strataca Salt Mine in Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas.

Linda Burns, Kathy Honda and Beth Simmons.

An early Carey Salt Company_cart

Figure 1. An early day salt cart from the Carey Salt Company (CRC).

In Hutchinson, Kansas is a unique underground museum that offers tours of the historic salt mine that underlys the town. This museum highlights the former mining equipment and practices of recovering rock salt for domestic use. Visitors travel the same paths and elevators that workers did in the past.  A tour of the mine provides views of the equipment used in the mine of ore carts, wagons, a mobile rail-based first aid office, salt cutters, and drills.  Examples of the salt ore are displayed. In addition, the tour describes one of the former uses of depleted salt mines as storage for movie film and documents.

About the speaker:


Linda Burns has been a rockhound and field collector for most of her life. Her field trips have taken her to most states in the U. S. West. She is currently President of the Denver Gem and Mineral Guild, and one of several Information chairmen on the Denver Gem and Mineral Show committee since 2013. She retired in 2016 to spend more time to be involved in the collecting of minerals and in helping friends mine for minerals. Her talk on the Strataca Salt Mine in Hutchinson, Kansas is based a visit to the mine during her trip to attend the 2016 Rocky Mountain Federation convention in Witchita.